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January 11, 2021
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January 11, 2021

​Industry Analysis Instructions

Industry Analysis Instructions for MG 640

Analyzing an industry is a multi-faceted undertaking. Your team is assuming the role of a set of consulting experts who are charged with the task of providing professional advice on the quality of business opportunity in an industry. Since opportunities are not uniformly spread throughout an industry, part of your task is to advise on the best way to participate in the industry under study.

This should be a 2-3 page paper, exclusive of the following requirements: title page, table of contents, and bibliography.

The topic is about fast food.

The required elements for your paper include the following:

  • segment or strategic groups analysis

Be sure to analyze and evaluate; don’t just report without adding value. Use data.

Provide a thorough description of the industry you have been assigned. What is the revenue size and other relevant statistical information for your industry (growth rates, typical margins)? What macroenvironmental factors affect your industry? Who are the major competitors and what shares do they control? How concentrated is the industry? What other industries affect your industry? What are the major segments within the industry, and what is their size? What are the key success factors that a player in this industry should possess? When you describe the relevant factors, be sure to include recent trend information.

This paper should be a professional work product. It should be error free. It should show awareness of the terms and concepts studied during the course. Note these important expectations: your paper should analyze data and use graphic techniques such as tables and charts to efficiently communicate such information.

Be sure to review the ground rules on plagiarism and proper citation protocol. You will submit your paper to a Turnitin dropbox, which will give feedback on non-original text. You should ensure that your paper does not exceed 20% non-original text, and you must ensure that all the non-original text in your paper is properly quoted and cited.

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