Employment system of Japan (Presentation + 2-3 pages of Explanation)
February 5, 2021
Discussion Board Lane
February 5, 2021

​Peer Evaluation

Peer Evaluation

After your paper has been turned in and your group has led class discussion, each of your will be expected to individually file your 400-500 word final evaluations of your group members. This part of the process allows you to let me know how your group did. You will evaluate each of your peers contribution to the team’s project as either above average (3), average (2), or below average (1). This evaluation must be based on objective factors drawn from and specifically linked to the Hirokawa reading and other research on small-group communication we have read and discussed. Use citations and specific evidence. Keep your subjective opinions out of it.

Your grade on this part of the Group Theory Project will be based on the quality of your analysis of the group’s dynamic and functions. *If any member plans to or does single out another group member for criticism, that critic must have talked with me about the problems at least a week ahead of the scheduled presentation.

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