discuss the way in which we experience the world as humans and how that effects our ability to invest soundly
January 10, 2021
Developmentally Appropriate Practices
January 10, 2021

​Read the “What is Your Style” exercise

Read the “What is Your Style” exercise on pages 563-565.

NOTE: Question 3 references exhibit 5.8 this should be exhibit 5.3 p. 132

Complete your answers to parts A, B and C. Formulate your answers to questions 1-4, however rather than providing your answers and content in 1,2,3,4 style, formulate a professional paper using either APA or MLA guidelines with two pages of content (you may go over two pages but papers with less than two pages of content will be graded accordingly) plus cover page and two references. Your text may be one reference. You can use a business magazine or website for another but make sure the website is NOT wikipedia as that is not an acceptable academic reference.

Start by explaining your personal problem solving style, next explain the ST style and if you think it is the best fit for jobs in today’s work environment. Next, compare your personality style and think of how you compare to others (co-workers, friends, family). Finish by applying the information, explain how you can use the information you learned to improve your communication ability.

Grading Scale:

Content: (Length at least two pages not including cover page and reference page, each of the questions listed above is completely answered) 40 pts

Grammar: (Spelling, Sentence Structure) 5 pts

APA Format (followed correctly: 5 pts

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