the CapraTek activity Communication Plan
February 15, 2021
DB: Organizational Change
February 15, 2021

15 Pages for Corporate social responsibility Report

15 Pages for Corporate social responsibility Report
CSR Report
Please make your research and then do15 pages CSR Report CSR
Use Sony as an example in your research

Assess the cost and benefits of doing sustainability and CSR Program at firm utilizing the readings and case discussions.
Assess company’s CSR, Sustainability or Citizenship Report and make specific recommendation to SONY firm.
Report Format
A) Executive Summary of the case one page
B )Discuss the internal ( or company and employee benefits ) of CSR and sustainability initiatives use the Dannon Case as an example to illustrate the value of CSR Programs , and explain why it Not their Probity to advertise their CSR activities . Explain how a CSR strategy needs to fit a firm’s management Culture.
Note: Dannon Case attached
Here you write CSR in general
4 pages
C) Discuss the emerging opportunities in the evolving “green market.” Cite strategies and opportunities. As part of this, summarize the Clorox case and discuss how they successfully developed green brands. Cite the benefits of these efforts on marketing, branding, and reputation enhancement.
Note Clorox Case attached below
Here you write CSR in general
5 pages
D) Briefly summarize the SONY CSR report . Then critique the report of the company that you examined. Explain how the firm defined their specific “responsibility” in the report and any shortcomings.
Is the company doing enough? Is it effective and fully transparent in addressing all social responsibility concerns? What would you suggest that the company needs to do? Do not forget the benefits for both people and planet –sustainability is not just about money (or solely an instrumental benefits to the firm’s shareholders alone).
Here you find any CSR report for Sony and then continue the requirements on step D
5 pages

This work should be done on word file.
15 pages double spaced , 12 times new roman
No plagiarism.

Outside sources must be clearly indicated and all sources documented (not simply by a web address).
If you cite a course article, just cite the author name and date.
Dannon Case and Clorox Case attached.

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