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February 15, 2021
350 word DQ
February 15, 2021

2 Line Comments for the 4 discussions (1 and 2 on Amazon India, 3 and 4 on Blockchain Technology corp.)

1) Amazon in India is unquestionably an open door. Despite the fact that a great many people don’t claim a cell phone or even shopped on the web. Amazon’s openness could extremely well change the measurement of a few people not owning advanced mobile phones. Having Amazon in India will have the capacity to change the market definitely. Costs for merchandise may change with Amazon’s availability. Expressed in the video, there was around 2 billion dollars put into the new market for Amazon in India. Giving them incredible arrangements and sending on things and merchandise. This will open numerous entryways for the general population of India.

I think India ought to have amazon since it’s only an or more all around particularly on the off chance that you have prime. I for one have it and think everybody ought to in light of the fact that stuff is a considerable measure less expensive and you get free two day shipping. I additionally think if more individuals had amazon it would most likely make more employments.

Amit Agarwal’s is an administrator. He likewise thinks of new thoughts and to help extend amazon in India. He’s additionally one of the set out folks toward employing and the extension.

Comment: ________________________________________________________________________________________

2) Walt (2016) asserts that it is an opportunity for Amazon to venture in India, a country where only less than one-quarter of its population has access to the internet and where just a few people have ever shopped online. Amazon is well known for its rigorous adverts and fast delivery (Walt 2016). Its customer service has no equal. Amazon products come from all over the world, and the primary enticer of its customers other than its quality products is their low delivery cost. Although at the moment few people have access to the internet, and just a small number has ever shopped online, word will spread very fast about amazon’s excellent service and everyone will want to access the internet and buy online.

Walt (2016) argues that it is good for India to have Amazon. Firstly, Amazon does not manufacture products. It connects trusted manufacturers with online buyers through Amazon’s site (Walt, 2016). It means that most products produced in India will find their way to the global market via Amazon. Therefore most will widen their market base through Amazon. Unfortunately, as Walt (2016) points out some companies in India will experience low sales as people continue to trust online shopping that saves them time and overs a variety of products.

Mr. Amit Agarwal is the Global Senior Vice President as well as the County Head of Amazon India. His role is to oversee Amazon global online market.


Walt, V. (2016). Amazon Invades India. FORTUNE, 173(1), 63-71.


3) Iansiti and Lakhani (2017) assert that Blockchain Technology Corporation will become a global leader. Blockchain is the technology behind cryptocurrency Bitcoin and many large financial institutions (Tapscott & Tapscot 2016). Blockchain can document the transfer of digital asset. It can also be used to record the ownership of intellectual and physical property as well as establish rights via smart contracts. The technology can enable companies to operate faster and cheaply by automating and reordering complex, labor-intensive processes (Iansiti & Lakhani 2017). Most financial institutions are evaluating the many opportunities that come with using the blockchain technology such as application to enhance and improve currency exchange, trade settlement and execution, supply chain management, remittance, micropayments, peer-to-peer transfers, asset registration regulatory reporting and correspondent banking (Iansiti & Lakhani 2017). Blockchain can reduce infrastructure costs of the banks attributable to payments of the cross-border, regulatory compliance and securities trading.

Blockchain technology permanently records all transactions, establishing an ever-growing activity’s historical record (Tapscott & Tapscot 2016). The technology revolutionizes the process of the operation by dispersing control and offering total transparency, removing the need for intermediaries that traditionally conduct transactions (Tapscott & Tapscot 2016). Equally, the technology can transform the way the government and businesses work in many different contexts. Blockchain can track and record any transactions including ownership of tangible and intangible assets such as real estate and intellectual property.


4) Blockchain, the technology behind the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, is one of the hottest topics in the financial sector. Blockchain is a decentralized, contains the information of each and every bitcoin transaction as a public ledger. The ledger has proven to be accurate and secure as a number of innovative technical products.

To document the transfer of any digital asset, intellectual property and record the ownership of physical, and establish rights through smart contracts, among other applications Block chain became technology exploded. This technology can assist any organizations to operate more cheaply and to operate faster.

Financial institutions are exploring a variety of opportunities to use blockchain, including applications to enhance and improve currency exchange, trade execution and settlement, remittance, supply chain management, peer-to-peer transfers, asset registration, micro payments, correspondent banking and regulatory reporting. Instead of under a hierarchy of bosses, collaborators can work together as free agents.

The worlds largest modern day abacus is Bitcoin protocol. As Blockchain has become global leader, smart contract audits will be required as increase in employment and capital.

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