Organizational Communication Case Study Review of Riverside State Hospital
December 26, 2020
week 8 Burkina Faso
December 26, 2020

2 part assignment minimum 4 pages altogether

This assignment is two separate parts. The model I chose is Strategic family therapy. Please include references in APA format for both. They both should include 1-2 pages each.

Each group member should choose one of the treatment models listed below. The following are the 4 models:

  • Strategic family therapy
  • Structural family therapy
  • Bowens family therapy
  • Experiential family therapy

Each student should then individually write 1–2 pages describing in detail the elements of the student’s chosen treatment model and identifying situations in which the model would be used. Be sure to cite any sources used in APA style.

Thoroughly detail the similarities and differences between the models writing 1-2 pages. Consider the following

  • Include a description of each diagnostic model and how it is used.
  • Which treatments are more effective with families, couples, children, or significant others?
  • Which models work best for different age groups? Explain.
  • Under what conditions would you use each diagnostic model?
  • Is there one overall model that the group endorses in general? If not, why not?

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