Unit 1 Discussion: Interpreting the Past
November 21, 2020
Pershing and the American Expeditionary Force Woodrow Wilson passed over several senior Army officers to appoint General John quot;Blackjackquot;
November 21, 2020

2 questions in the History of the USA

I need to answer 2 questions in the History of the USA  I need 7 sentences for each of them I need to answer them fastly 

Refer to the document :Columbus ” Letter to Lord Sanchez” How did Columbus project a duality of Indian nature as either childlike or savage ? what SPECIFIC passages bast demonstrate this duality of human nature as seen by Europeans ?

Refer to Document: Richard Frethorne Bags His parents. how does this primary source document present the desperation of young Richard Frethorne as member of the Virginia company? What passages best demonstrate his desperation? 

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