Locating Brands
December 27, 2020
Research Project Part 1- Cultural Communication Values and Intercultural Communication Challenges Paper
December 27, 2020

3 page paper for marketing class

3 page paper on the following topics.

Marketing Research Techniques Employed

How do you monitor industry trends?

How do you monitor consumer needs and behavior?

How will you determine industry sales and market shares?

Discuss your competitive intelligence system.

Market Segmentation Strategy

Using one product or your entire organization, discusses your level of market segmentation.

Product Analysis and Strategy

How will you define your market boundaries? Will you define the markets you will serve by function? By technology? By customer type?

Discuss your use of a product overlap strategy—can two of your products serve the same customer in the same way?

Discuss your use of a product elimination strategy.

Explain the marketing strategy you do or would employ, based on the life cycle stage of a product/service.

Discuss your new product strategy.

Explain your diversification strategy.

Discuss your product portfolio (use the product portfolio matrix approach).

How does or might your organization use line or brand extensions?

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