5 page essay on this book. Thomas Kessner in his book The Flight of the Century seeks to answer a key question about Charles Lindbergh: “What was it about this event and this man that so captured the
November 16, 2020
identify the single most significant turn-off-the-century invention and explain why you think it is so important to today life
November 16, 2020

3 pages response essay

Soul by Soul Response Essay

(MLA,double space ,works cited page,original title)

Explain how Walter Johnson assigns agency—the ability to act purposefully in the service of goals—to slaves within the antebellum slave market in Soul by Soul.What is his goal in bringing to light the agency of slaves?  Draw on at least two specific examples of slave’s agency from the text to contextualize your argument.  To conclude your paper, take a moment to reflect on the significance of everyday people in history.  Why is it important to add the stories of slaves in the slave market to mainstream narrative of southern slavery?

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