Human Resource Management
February 25, 2021
Business Admin Capstone 8-10 Pages
February 25, 2021

3 questions

-After reading the article associated with this week’s forum post (attachment) answer the following questions. This assignment is also geared towards you doing extra research to help reinforce your answers. Attachment (Supply Chain Interfaces_defining attributes and values)

1. Why do Stefansson and Russell (2008) consider only two types of interfaces for the CLM model?

2. Do you think the way this study was done is valid? Whether or not you agree or disagree with their methodology do some literature research to support your argument.

-Describe the composition of price model and discuss whether or not that model could be used in everyday 3PL partnerships. Attachments (What drives 3PL) and Third_Party Logistics Services)

-Answer 2 questions Attachment (Week+2Written+Assignment)

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