The Monroe Doctrine became one of the crucial foundations of American foreign policy over the next century; what was the occasion for Monroe’s
November 16, 2020
Question:  Thomas Jefferson (paraphrasing Aristotle) once said “There is nothing more unequal than the equal treatment of unequal people “Some, argue that it is not fair to treat all people the same,
November 16, 2020

300 words answer


I need 300 words answer of this discussion. Must include 2-3 credible sources cited in. Must address every step properly. Must provide 100% original work.


Using online library or credible scholarly articles, search “Ishi: The Last of His People.”

After reading the articles, in minimum 300 words answer the following questions:

Do Not Write Questions in Answer

  • 1.      What events led to Ishi being the last survivor of his entire tribe?
  • 2.      What adjustments did Ishi need to make in order to live in a twentieth-century California city?
  • 3.      Why were researchers so interested in learning and writing down his language?
  • 4.      What valuable information other than language did Ishi provide for researchers that they would not have otherwise been able to obtain?
  • 5.      How does Ishi’s story refute Commissioner of Indian Affairs Dillon Myer’s statement that “Indians possessed no ‘legitimate culture’ of their own?” 

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