The student nurse asks, “Why is there such an emphasis on spirituality in health care?” Which of the following is the most appropriate response by the nurse preceptor?
September 12, 2018
Which behavior indicates that a nurse, who is forced to confront a conflict situation, is using a submissive approach to communication?
September 12, 2018

A client sustained a complete C2 spinal cord injury after a motor vehicle crash. He is unable to move bilateral upper and lower extremities. He requires total nursing care including assistance eating, turning, and voiding. Which of the following describes the level of care the nurse provides according to Orem’s self-care model?

What is the first step in the delegation process?

  1. A) Allowing the person to observe the RN performing the task before making the assignment
B) Determining the skill level of the person to whom the task is to be delegated
C) Obtaining permission from the client for another care provider to help with the care
D) Instructing the person to whom the task is delegated about the assignment




What is the most important element for the nurse navigator to include in the planning of care for a client?

  1. A) The client’s perceptions and beliefs about the disease process and the modalities of treatment
B) The distance the client lives from the primary health-care facility
C) The age difference between the client and the nurse
D) What type of insurance coverage the client has




Identify a secured setting for the practice of forensic nursing.

  1. A) Crime scenes
B) Women’s shelters
C) Emergency rooms
D) Correctional institutions




What would be a likely result of the development of a universally agreed upon nomenclature and taxonomy for nursing clinical information and management data?

  1. A) A failure to determine the impact nurses have on outcomes
B) The inability to identify what the nursing staff actually does
C) The establishment of appropriate reimbursement for nursing activities
D) A decrease in the number of nursing diagnoses




A particularly vocal staff nurse on a busy obstetric unit has been complaining to the other nurses about the unit manager’s preferential treatment of the night-shift nurses. Select the action that the unit manager should take to resolve this problem, which best demonstrates the use of the assertive approach to conflict resolution.

  1. A) Sets up a time and place for a one-on-one meeting with the staff nurse
B) Arranges for the transfer of the staff nurse to the night shift
C) Waits until there is an opportunity to use the incident to confront the staff nurse in front of his or her colleagues
D) Notes that the vocal staff nurse is not intelligent enough to understand the situation, and disregards her comments as worthless




When do most health-care expenditures occur in a person’s life?

  1. A) As old age sets in due to the development of multiple chronic illnesses
B) During the last 6 months of life
C) During childhood due to the large number of broken bones and traumatic injuries
D) During and shortly after being born




Which assignment is most appropriate for a CNA/UAP (unlicensed assistive personnel) floated to the medical-surgical unit from the outpatient clinic?

  1. A) Completing the admission vital signs and assessment on a 44-year-old woman who just returned from the post anesthesia care unit after nephrectomy
B) Obtaining a temperature on a 29-year-old woman with gastrointestinal bleeding during the last 30 minutes of a whole-blood transfusion
C) Changing the sterile dressings on a 22-year-old man 2 days after undergoing skin graft for burn injuries
D) Assisting a 72-year-old man 1 day post–cerebrovascular accident with dysphagia to eat lunch



What is the primary goal of the nurse navigator role?

  1. A) Lower the risk factors that cause poor or adverse client outcomes
B) Elimination of the barriers to care to make moving through the treatment maze easier
C) Starting a business by combining nursing experience and knowledge with business knowledge
D) Provide health care for inmates in correctional facilities such as juvenile centers, jails, and prisons




True or False: It is estimated that 98,000 people die per year due to adverse events & medical errors in hospitals.

  1. A) False
B) True




Identify a communication style that involves interpersonal behaviors that permit people to defend and maintain their legitimate rights in a respectful manner that does not violate the rights of others.

  1. A) Aggressive
B) Assertive
C) Dishonest
D) Submissive




Which nursing intervention is of limited effectiveness in addressing the needs of a client with a nursing diagnosis of Spiritual Distress?

  1. A) Explain the nurse’s religious beliefs and values immediately when requested to do so by the client.
B) Contact an appropriate spiritual leader or community for conduct of spiritual rituals sought by the client.
C) Express a willingness to assist and cooperate with religious practices that are not detrimental to the client’s health in the treatment setting.
D) Communicate acceptance of the client’s spiritual needs and acknowledge their importance.




When does the encoding process of communication take place?

  1. A) The message is sent in a way that causes confusion in the receiver.
B) The receiver thinks about the information, understands it, and forms an idea based on the message.
C) The sender sends the message.
D) The receiver responds to the message and gives feedback.




Who is called the “father of modern medicine”?

  1. A) Hippocrates
B) Emperor Darius
C) Cyrus the Great
D) William Harvey




Identify the task that may be delegated to an LPN (LVN) if all of the clients are stable.

  1. A) Developing the nursing diagnosis for a newly admitted client
B) Turning a client with a CVA every 2 hours
C) Teaching a new diabetic patient how to administer insulin injections
D) Adding potassium to an intravenous (IV) bag of D6W that was already hanging




A patient is anxious about a procedure. Knowing the patient loves the beach, the nurse instructs them to close their eyes and picture the ocean, sand, and rays of the sun. Which of the following practices is the nurse implementing?

  1. A) Transcendental Meditation
B) Guided Imagery
C) Therapeutic Talking
D) Visualization




Identify the primary change that increased the need for many more certified RN-coders and certified RN-auditors.

  1. A) The development of new oversight procedures for Medicare and Medicaid
B) The switch to the new ICD-10 coding system
C) The new regulations that came into effect with the Affordable Care Act
D) The closing of many college programs that teach or offer degrees in health-care coding




Identify the four concepts that are common in most nursing theories.

  1. A) Client, health, environment, nursing
B) Hospital, nursing home, clinic, physician’s office
C) Nurse, physician, client, other providers
D) Care, adaptation, system, cure




Which of the following demonstrates the planning phase of the nursing process?

  1. A) The nurse specifies short and long term outcomes for the client
B) The nurse determines whether or not the client’s short term outcomes were met
C) The nurse performs a physical exam and collects a health history
D) The nurse identifies that the client is at risk for pressure ulcers




What is the best way to increase the motivation to learn in the elderly population?

  1. A) Use negative reinforcements when an elderly person does not change behavior appropriately
B) Link positive reinforcement to changes in behavior.
C) Ignore their life experiences so that the learning is not contaminated by misinformation from the past.
D) Use the power disparity between the teacher and the client to reinforce basic principles



Why is it important for nurses in general practice to have an awareness of forensic knowledge?

  1. A) They may one day wish to become certified in forensic nursing
B) Forensic knowledge is a part of nursing curricula and is necessary for passing the National Council Licensure Examination
C) Nurses are often in positions to report crimes or preserve evidence.
D) With the increasing involvement of nurses in malpractice suits, forensic knowledge will help them win their cases



Why is term healing preferred to medicine when referring to alternative and complementary modalities?

  1. A) Clients might associate alternative treatments with hospital care.
B) Nurses have had a strong influence in naming this modality.
C) The treatments are based on holistic philosophies that go beyond treatment or cure of the physiological dimensions of care.
D) Medicine implies that only physicians can carry out the treatment




An example of civility in the classroom consists of keeping cell phones on silent and using proper cell phone etiquette?

  1. A) False
B) True




What primary skills are required of the nurse to provide cultural competent care?

  1. A) All of the above
B) Sensitivity
C) Understanding
D) Communication




Both nursing models and theories help explain and direct nursing actions.

  1. A) True
B) False




Which of the following statements is most accurate about the vast majority of the elderly?

  1. A) They make up the single largest expenditure for the federal government budget
B) They are relatively healthy and most manage their chronic conditions at home
C) They all have chronic diseases and are in assisted-care facilities.
D) They have high levels of depression and are usually in bad spirits.




Although the assessment techniques used for different individuals may be identical, the nurse needs to know the basic biological and physical variations among ethnic groups.

  1. A) True
B) False




The client’s short term outcome was to sit up in a chair at bedside for 30 minutes. The nurse reviews the client outcome, determines that it was not met, and modifies the interventions. Which phase of the nursing process is this?

  1. A) Evaluation
B) Assessment
C) Planning
D) Diagnosis




This lengthy assessment tool provides a thorough overview of a client’s culture.

  1. A) Minority Model
B) Purnell’s Model
C) Non-English Model
D) Bio-Cultural Model




True or False: By law, supplements are regulated be the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

  1. A) False
B) True




Which of the following describes Callista Roy’s definition of nursing as indicated in her nursing model?

  1. A) Multistep process that helps the client adapt and reach the highest level of functioning
B) Assistance in self-care activities to help the client achieve health
C) Dynamic process that identifies and meets the client’s health-care needs
D) Identifies boundary disruption and helps clients in activities to restore stability.




An ethical code does which of the following?

  1. A) dictates decisions
B) provides a framework for decision-making
C) sets firm rules
D) provides a group of legally binding values




To which individual can the charge nurse delegate the task of completing the history and physical assessment for a newly admitted client?

  1. A) LPN
B) CNA, level II
C) CNA, level III




A client sustained a complete C2 spinal cord injury after a motor vehicle crash. He is unable to move bilateral upper and lower extremities. He requires total nursing care including assistance eating, turning, and voiding. Which of the following describes the level of care the nurse provides according to Orem’s self-care model?

  1. A) Partially compensated care
B) Supportive developmental care
C) Self-care
D) Wholly compensated care




Function in nursing informatics focuses on which of the following?

  1. A) A well-articulated theoretical basis to guide the gathering of data
B) Areas of research that lead to new knowledge
C) The levels of special interest, including technology and concepts of nursing theory
D) How the management and processing of information helps nurses enter, organize, or retrieve information




Identify the best method for a nurse to acknowledge a client’s autonomy

  1. A) Incorporate the ethical principle of paternalism into all client care activities
B) Follow only the instructions of the client’s family
C) Use the ethical principle of best interest when making decisions about the client’s care needs
D) Know and understand the state’s laws that address living wills




Select the most appropriate client for the RN to assign to the CNA/UAP (unlicensed assistive personnel).

  1. A) A client with a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube who is receiving continuous tube feedings
B) A client with difficulty walking and requires assistance to the bathroom
C) A client with difficulty swallowing food and fluids
D) A client with a colostomy who requires irrigations




What is best described as the concepts, ideals, behaviors, and significant themes that give meaning to a person’s life?

  1. A) Laws
B) Values
C) Morals
D) Ethics



Which of the following is known as a healing practice that uses the human energy system?

  1. A) Visualization
B) Therapeutic Touch
C) Hypnosis
D) Guided Imagery

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