Despite the action by the state nursing board in chastising Thao and suspending her license, medical and nursing associations have been almost unanimous in protesting the felony criminal charges in a case of a mistake.
September 12, 2018
Explain the significance of the question that Button asks his Grandpa at the end of page 40
September 12, 2018

A specific performance review of the songs that impressed you during the performance (s), with concrete reasons as support


The Concert Critique constitutes a formal written paper regarding any suitable event with an artistic subject (Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, or Twentieth-Century serious music or Jazz: America’s Classical Music; but not popular music) that will conform in tone and character to the highest standards of academic English employed within the discipline of music history.
You do have one critique that may be of your own choice and can consist of a popular music performance: Rock, Rap or any other genre. This said, the paper should coincide with the following requirements and formatting:
1. Only Word Documents or pdf files are Compatible with our Course Website.
2. A formal introduction of the event, a brief history of the organization or performance, and a statement concerning its significance to our coursework.
3. A description of the composer(s) or originator, the performers or participants, and the compositions or works under discussion, including any pertinent information regarding methods of creation, textural, stylistic or any other significance factors relevant to the history of twentieth- and twenty-first century musical production.
4. A discussion of the participants, which should include the artistic and professional background that influenced the creation.
5. A specific performance review of the songs that impressed you during the performance (s), with concrete reasons as support.
6. The inclusion of any observations, perspectives or information that you feel is relevant to the discussion of the arts as a whole.
7. A conclusion regarding the effectiveness of the performance or work and any personal perspective that you deem is relevant.
8. Each concert review should appear in Times New Roman 12 font, with standard margins, and should be double-spaced.
9. This review should range from 2-3 pages in length.
10. Approved Documentation Systems: Turabian, Chicago Manual of Style, MLA, and APA—a list of references is required, if you have referred to outside sources
11. Spelling, grammatical, and other mechanical issues should be addressed and resolved prior to submission. Students in need of assistance in this area may seek counsel from the instructor or visit CSUF’s Writing Center.
12. Any variant from the above requirements may result in a lower grade.
13. The attendance of one performance in addition to this paper are worth a total of 10% of the final course grade (a ticket stub, a photograph at the venue, or a signature of the director/artist is required as proof of attendance and should be inserted on the last page of your document).
14. Deadlines–see first page. Please, no e-mailed papers.?
15. Please, Use the Specific Course Drop Box for Each Concert Critique–only Word Documents or pdf files are compatible

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