Need help typing a 5 to 6 paragraph paper for my HUM II class. I attactment both instructions and questions that goes with the topic. My topic is on “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen
November 16, 2020
Which of these WAS NOT one of Huey Long’s campaign promises? A) create a public university in New Orleans B) provide free textbooks for schoolchildren C) improve and expand public education D) expand
November 16, 2020

American History Homework

Answer both of the following questions in no less than 200 words, and MAKE SURE to have references in both.  ALL ORIGINAL WORK PLEASE

Describe the political impact and innovation in the following events: the American System, the Corrupt Bargain, and the Era of Good Feelings. Discuss which you feel had the greatest impact on Jackson’s administration and/or early 19th-century America.

Considering each of the factors that impacted women at this time, was this a beneficial period for women’s rights? Your answer should include some reference to reform, the Market Revolution (industrial technologies), and expansion.

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