Human Resource Management
February 22, 2021
New Product Introduction (250 Word Paragraph)
February 22, 2021

An Ethical Dilemma – Chantel

Good morning,

This paper is an ethical case study. Please provide a relevant analysis of the ethical dilemma that Chantel is faced with in this scenario. Also, the scenario is contained in the file entitled “ETHICAL_DECISION_CHANTEL.” The remaining attachment is the sources that must be used. Please do not use outside sources. The videos may be cited as well. I ask that you cite three and possibly four of the sources accurately and efficiently as possible. Please use transitions throughout your writing (i.e. therefore, moreover, etc.)

This paper must be written in APA Format (no abstract). In summary, based on the provided additional sources the basis of the paper should be a chosen strategy that Chantel should employee (one-or-two) to resolve her ethical dilemma. Please write in the third person and demarcate different sections of the paper for the organization. Thank you.

Note: I am providing this question well in advance of the due date and as such outstanding writing can be rewarded. Thank you.…

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