Compare and contrast the typical research methodologies found in the literature you reviewed—qualitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods.
September 6, 2018
Describe at least three complications of cancer, the side effects of treatment, and methods to lessen physical and psychological effects.
September 6, 2018

Analysis of 10 OM decision areas

P & OM Final assessment



  • This assignment is an opportunity for you to investigate operations management in practice and to carry out deeper investigations. • You need to demonstrate further reading and investigation – and to compare what you see in your own organization (or an organization of your choice) with what is written in the academic literature.


  • You should select an organization (which you have access to) and work through the 10 decision areas relating to operations within the organization.
  • You should write a report in a presentation form (e.g., PowerPoint slides) discussing the operations of the organization, and making recommendations for improvement in 1 or 2 decision area(s)


OM Decision Areas

  1. Design of goods and services 2. Managing quality 3.   Process and capacity design 4.   Location strategy 5.   Layout strategy 6.   Human resources and job design     Supply-chain management 8.   Inventory management 9.   Scheduling 10. Maintenance



  • This is a group assignment with 2-3 students per group


  • Each group prepares a PowerPoint Slide deck (15 -18 slides) and sent in BEFORE 0900 Friday, June

30, 2017



  • Contents:

– Intro (organization) – Analysis of 10 OM decision areas – Operational situation(s)/issue(s) – Possible choices for improvement – Your choice(s) & why – Conclusion – Citation for source information

Assessment criteria

  • Late submissions will be graded with 0%. It will count for 50% of your final grade.
  • Assessment criteria:

– quality & depth of the research

– ability to incorporate course concepts in making recommendations for improvement

– ability to meet due dates

– presentation skills

– correct English

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