Describe the physical, social, cognitive, and emotional development of Jeff as he has transitioned from early adulthood into middle adulthood.
September 10, 2018
Your bibliography needs to be correctly indented with the first line of each reference list citation flush left with the left-hand margin (no indentation), and the second and proceeding lines should have a one-half inch hanging indent from the left-hand margin.
September 10, 2018

Analyze the criminal behavior of domestic violence and describe how criminal behavior is evaluated towards the formation of new policy for social order in the criminal justice system.

You are a rookie law enforcement officer in training. You are assigned to work with a seasoned patrol officer named Roberto, who has been on the job for 15 years. You and Roberto are working the 11:00pm to 7:00am and the local bars have just closed at 2:00am. At approximately 2:20am, a neighbor called to report a potential domestic dispute located at an address Roberto is aware of because neighbors have called in two other domestic disputes in the last two months. Loud voices can be heard as you arrive on scene. You and Roberto approach the residence with caution. You knock on the door, identify yourselves as a law enforcement officers, and the music is turned off from inside the residence. A woman answers the door bent over and bleeding from the mouth as a car starts in the driveway and speeds off. Roberto reacts quickly by running back to the police cruiser, leaves the scene, and stops the vehicle a short distance from the residence.

You record information Sarah provides about the domestic dispute between her and her boyfriend. Roberto interviews Sarah’s boyfriend who drove away in the vehicle, but his story varies from Sarah’s considerably. Sarah reluctantly tells you that she is afraid that a filing a report will only cause more trouble for her. Sarah refuses to file the report, refuses medical treatment, and asks to be left alone. Roberto returns to the residence, offers Sarah contact information of an anonymous domestic violence hotline, and gives her his contact information if she decides she wants to file charges. Two days later the officers are called to the home again, but this time Sarah has a broken arm. Sarah chooses to file charges against her boyfriend this time; he is arrested and taken to jail.

Here’s What You Need To Do . . .

You have been asked by the Chief of Police to review and analyze this case pursuant to developing new policies for the police department. Compose a 3-6-page paper on the following:

  1. Identify, define, examine, and discuss the domestic violence laws in your state (California) applicable to this situation between Sarah and her boyfriend.
  2. Compare and contrast property crimes and personal crimes and how domestic violence relates to both.
  3. Evaluate victim’s rights as they related to domestic violence and social responsibility in your state.
  4. Analyze the criminal behavior of domestic violence and describe how criminal behavior is evaluated towards the formation of new policy for social order in the criminal justice system.
  5. Compare and contrast the history and the future of domestic violence law.

Be sure to organize your paper into clear and concise paragraphs. You should read the grading rubric before starting your paper to ensure you cover all the material appropriately. Compile your paper, including all information researched, in accordance to the following guidelines:

  • This paper is to be in APA format with a cover sheet and reference page at the end.
  • The length of the paper is to be a minimum of three pages and no more than six pages. This length does not include your cover or reference sheets.
  • Remember that APA font is Times New Roman, font size 12.

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