Principals of Finance Week 10 Assignment
February 26, 2021
business 380 paper
February 26, 2021

answer fives questions from ANIMATE EARTH: SCIENCE, INTUITION, AND GAIA

Please answer any five from: Stephan Harding ANIMATE EARTH: SCIENCE, INTUITION, AND GAIA

1. How does the Earth maintain the proportion of oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere roughly constant at habitable levels? Please, explain the “Three Oxygen Journeys”

2. Please, explain ‘SYSTEMS THINKING” and the “PRINCIPLE OF EMERGENCE” Why is it a more complete model in understanding complexity? Self-regulating complex systems with positive and negative feed-backs?

3. What are GAIA’s most important elements for life? How do they relate to the universe as a self-organizing evolving entity?

4. Please, explain the seven interlinked negative feed-backs involved in keeping GAIA’s temperature within bounds over geological time.

5. Please, explain the relationship between planetary albedo and global sulphur cycle.

6. Please, explain “STEADY-STATE ECONOMICS”

Minimum : two pages

Please use simple words and grammar

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