List two features of the product and assess how they transform into benefits for you
January 14, 2021
Nurturing Motivation
January 14, 2021

applying academic knowledge to an understanding of our lives

Final Essay Assignment: Applying Academic Knowledge to an Understanding of our Lives

The rubric is attached. Follow rubric, it contains all the details about the paper and what it should contain.

Feel free to select a journal to expand on. I will send you what I have started after you tell me which one you would like to do.

Week One Journal: Talking Turkey

Talking Turkey: An Ethical Dilemma with Food Drives

Week Two Journal: Ethics and Social Media

A Social Media Ethics Case Study

written by Irina Raicu

Week Four Journal: Institutional Memory

When you take a position in a company of any size, you are entering into a community that has its own rules and regulartions as well as its own history.

Week Five Journal: The Relevance of Literature

Using a poem you did not select for the discussion, answer one of the following prompts and write a journal entry of at least

Week Six: Literature and People

In the Guardian blog you were asked to read this week, Maurice Biriotti writes:

Week Seven Journal: Applying Theory to Our Personal Lives

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