twelve hours of community-based volunteer service in a culturally diverse environment
February 25, 2021
strategic plan paper
February 25, 2021

Are employees motivated

No plagiarisms, references

During the past few weeks, you have considered the various elements of the research project. Compile all of the sections of your research strategy ideas from Week 3. Retrieve your survey results this week to complete your final project in Week 5.

The following sections (500 words or 1-2 slides total) should be added to your research project analysis:

  • Your ethical considerations
  • Your sample population
  • Your data analysis summary
  • Your measurement strategy

Based on comments from your instructor and peers in Week 3 and 4, edit and refine any sections of the final research plan. Add a section of 300–500 words or 1-2 slides about how you interpreted the data from your survey or questionnaire in Week 3. Add this section at the end of your research project.

Part two:

Complete the final edits of your final research proposal paper or PowerPoint. The required sections include the following:

  • The business and organizational problem or topic
  • The problem statement
  • The research strategy that you used to explore the problem
  • 1 research question or hypothesis
  • Your rationale for selecting your proposed research strategy
  • 1 research instrument that you will use to collect data
  • A copy of the questionnaire or survey
  • A section on ethical considerations for your project
  • Your sample population
  • Your data analysis summary
  • Your measurement strategy
  • The research results

The response to the questionnaire needs to be apart of the research paper, you need add at least a paragraph more explaining how it answered your hypothesis question and it affected your questionnaire and your research.

So your research question needs to be specific to your location. You are surveying someone, and you aren’t able to answer this question for all employees in the U.S. Remember you have to actually develop a survey, send it out, get the data, and then answer your own research question.

It’s a good topic and you provide plenty of background information though it is not clear what specific company you are talking about. I assume you will be surveying at a certain organization. .

Here are some research and information that applies to this paper that I am attaching.

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