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February 15, 2021
the list of discuss
February 15, 2021

Assigment This week 3


Please make sure you provide the paper with plenty or depth. detail and analysis of all your responses. There needs to be complete responses with depth detail and analysis not just a few sentences for each answer. I have attached examples for the assignment for what expected

Part A-Case Study: After reviewing the case studies (Why Mashups Matter, SaaS Strategy& How to Make Effective SaaS Purchases In The Face Of Growing Complexity) use the Finding Page document and answer (A) what are companies willing to give up & why and (B) so how do you control it and (C) what do you do to maintain long term relationships?

Part B-Internet exercises: Enter and surf and the Serena Videos) use the Finding Page document and answer/evaluate (A) review the technology being offered, (B) why and how are they being used and (C) how effectively?

Videos on attachment

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