Choose three articles from your selected topic in the Research Kit to read through and compare. As you read through each article, consider the three main questions for analyzing secondary sources fr
October 29, 2020
For this pair of words, you need to identify each. Then, you need to compare/contrast the terms. What do their similarities/differences reveal about
October 29, 2020

Assignment 2

Writing assignment #2:

Write a 3 page paper with a title page and bibliography. Total of 5 pages will be turned in.

Save your paper in WORD document as (LastnameHIST221shortpaper2).

The topic for your paper:


First watch the PBS video:

Reconstruction: A Moment In The Sun :

The second assignment paper will have you investigate the Reconstruction era.  The paper will ask you to highlight all the new programs, changes and obstacles faced by the newly freed slaves in the reconstructed Southern society.

You may use your book and the internet to research sources to help you in your paper. You will need three distinct and solid references to show your research on this topic.

Recommended sites for sources:

APUS library

Reconstruction: The Second Civil War –

Archival sources on Reconstruction –

Special Field Order No. 15, at the Freedmen & Southern Society Project at the University of Maryland.

You must have at least three references.  You must use the Modern Language Association (MLA), American Psychological Association (APA), Council of Science Editors (CSE), Kate L. Turabian’s Manual, and the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS)of your major. YOU MUST CITE YOUR SOURCES!

Summary: summarize your paper in the last paragraph.

The paper MUST be typed in Microsoft word using Times New Roman font (12), double spaced, with the preset margins. Students must submit the historical topic paper no later than Sunday by midnight at the end of week six. Also please check if your instructor has a TURNITIN requirement to submit your papers to TURNITIN as part of the grading process. Late papers will not be accepted. No exceptions! 

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