Market Segmentation
January 12, 2021
1.Discuss how you demonstrate the five core competences of health professionals 1b) Reflect carefully and identify your reasons for continuing your nursing education.
January 12, 2021

Breakeven analysis

Using the breakeven analysis templates and formulas provided with this lesson, along with any other templates you find as your tools, answer the questions below. Please copy and paste your spreadsheet answers into a WORD document and answer the questions by number:

  1. You are going to open a business making custom cabinets. You can sell each cabinet for $80. It takes a cabinetmaker approximately 45 minutes to make one cabinet. Each cabinetmaker works an 8-hour day earning $18 per hour. Each cabinet uses $25 in raw materials. You usually produce cabinets 20 days a month and can employ two cabinetmakers. You estimate that your fixed costs are $5,000 per month.
    1. What is your contribution margin?
    2. How many cabinets must you make each month to break even?
    3. What is your total monthly revenue if you want to earn a $2,000 profit?
    4. Construct a break-even chart for the custom cabinet firm.

Include a minimum of two scholarly sources (in addition to the textbook)

Written paper at least 3 pages

Format your paper according to APA guidelines

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