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February 26, 2021
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February 26, 2021

Business Communication: Executive Summary Memo

Task Description:

“Write a three-page executive summary memorandum about your interview. This report is a professional document in style and content which includes summaries on the following topics:

• description of the industry/product/service

• description of the position

• requirements for the position (education, experience, skills)

• general summary of what you learned overall from the interview process, including your thoughts and reactions.”

Format Requirements:

The Executive Summary should be formatted as follows:

Left and right margins should be 1”

Font should be Arial 12 pt.

Standard spacing (double space guidewords and single space body of memo)

Length should be no more than 5 pages

Headings/subheadings should be used as appropriate to the document content

Include Citation Page in either APA/Chicago/Turabian format


What you need to do:

  • The Job Position is Market Analyst.
  • The Job Position Research and Interview Transcript documents are included in the attached files.
  • Write an Executive Summary Memorandum using the information from the two documents and other information you believe is necessary to cover the requirements of the “Task Description”.
  • Closely follow the Format Requirements.
  • As stated, the body of the Executive Summary Memorandum should be Three-page single spaced, the guidewords should be double spaced, and the whole document should not exceed five pages (so I generate your salary as you finished a five-page single spaced paper.)

I know the complexity of the assignment, so please carefully read what I typed and ask me anytime if you believe you need any clarification or more time.

This is a very important assignment, so Please Help!

Thank you!

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