Week 3 Managing Scope and Time 10 Multiple Choice
February 7, 2021
curtilage of my house
February 7, 2021

Business Ethics

Part 1

Look at Figure 2.1 (attached ), which compares the different belief systems as principles in making ethical decisions.

In your post, answer the following:

• Can one belief system fit all situations? Explain why or why not.
If you had to choose one system to live by for all situations, where and when would it fail you?

Be clear on which of the five systems you are referencing, and provide a specific example to validate your post.

Refer to the Discussion Participation Scoring Guide for posting expectations.

Part 2

Figure 1.3 (attached) describes the actions of Aaron Feuerstein after his company, Malden Mills, burned down on December 11, 1995. Some might say his initial response to employees was an emotional reaction and not prudent. Others may say he was an inspired leader with uncompromising moral integrity.

In your post, answer the following:

• Do you think Feuerstein was a noble leader or very risky decision maker who got lucky, based on what you have learned about ethics, decision making, and analyzing stakeholders and issues? Be sure to research what happened to Malden Mills since 1995, and consider the position of all stakeholders in your analysis.
Do you see any CEOs today who are prepared to do the same thing if faced with a similar crisis? If you do not see anyone in today’s business world modeling Feuerstein, state why.

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