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January 14, 2021
January 14, 2021

Business Questions


Although women hold almost 52 percent of all professional-level jobs, American women lag substantially behind men when it comes to their representation in leadership positions.

Why is this true?

Your response should contain a minimum of three reasons this is true. Identify each response by indicating 1) followed by your response, 2) followed by your response, and 3) followed by your respons


What is the difference between concept of work/family and work/life.

1. Define the two concepts in detail

2. Explain the difference between the two concepts


What does LGBTQ stand for?

1. Identify the word that represents each letter

2. Define each of the words

3. In the above question you provided one word definition for each of the letters. The “Q” of LGBTQ can be defined by two different words. Identify the two words.(use the word you already identified plus the second word)

3. One of these words you identified may be considered derogatory in some contexts. However, there is one context this otherwise derogatory term is considered acceptable.

4. Although one of these words isconsidered acceptable in one context, do you think this term is appropriate for a)all to use, b)just in the one context, or c)not an acceptable term in any context. Explain your response.


There are generalizable differences in the way men and women communicate.

1. identify two ways men and women communicate differently.

2. Based on gender communication, identify one gender specific way of communicating, based on your gender, you agree is a way you typically communicate.(do not use the same responses in item #1 above)

2a. Explain a situation when you have communicated in this gender specific way you identified in your response in #2.

Type the number/letter followed by your detailed response


1. Identify a corporation that has recently(last five years) been recognized as a top company for providing work/family benefits to employees. Identify what group/organization ranked this company as a top company.

1a. Provide an example of one the this company’s work/family benefits.

2. Identify a corporation that has recently been recognized for providing employees with exemplary work/life benefits. Identify what group/organization ranked this company as a top company.

2a. Provide an example of one this company’s work/life benefits.

Do not use the same company for both question .


1. Identify one EEOC settlement that the case is based on pregnancy discrimination. Provide a description of the case.

2. Identify what federal employment law was violated for this case.

3. Why was this pregnancy discrimination under this federal employment law?

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