Leadership and Management
February 22, 2021
Contract Analysis Business Law
February 22, 2021

can you write a reflection paper?

Write a personal mission statement and reflect on what you learned about yourself during the semester in relation to your capacity to demonstrate leadership. Reflect on what you see as your leadership strengths and areas of growth by going through a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis. Include both Strengths Finder and Keirsey Temperament in your reflection (ive attached two essays describing my strengths finder and Kelrsey Temperament). Describe your personal mission statement, values and the leadership philosophy you have developed through this class with elements of leadership theory. What principles or ethics guide your personal life and your leadership? Include at least one passage from scripture that supports your leadership philosophy. Close by describing two action steps you can take to continue to develop into living as a healthy leader that creates positive change within a community. (MLA style) please follow the instructions.

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