Annotated bibliography
May 16, 2021
Annotated bibliography 2
May 27, 2021

Case 2 Women’s Reproductive Health

Case 2 Women’s Reproductive Health

Having selected the Women’s Reproductive health, program evaluation for my integrative project,  consider this problem within its broader context. The conceptual model that follows should be used as a guide in identifying the determinants or factors that contribute to the observed problem. Hint: When reviewing this model, begin at the individual level rather than the local, regional, or global levels, and work outward to identify relevant contextual factors.

Access a copy of the report that presents and explains this model in detail. Refer in particular to Section 1.2 (pp. 18-19) of this document.

Globalization and Social Determinants of Health: Conceptual Model

Source: World Health Organization, Globalization Knowledge Network (2007). Towards health-equitable globalisation: Rights, regulation and redistribution; Final report to the Commission on Social Determinants of Health.


Please identify and discuss four contextual factors including cultural differences relevant to Women’s Reproductive health, and note how each either diminishes or exacerbates the problem you are seeking to address. Your overall response should be 4–5 double-spaced pages, excluding references. Your analysis of the impact of each factor should be supported with evidence from the scholarly literature (at least one peer-reviewed source per factor) and properly cited both within the body of your paper and the reference list appearing at the end.

Must include introduction and conclusion

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