Topic number 4 Development and Change
December 25, 2020
business communication Informative Presentation
December 25, 2020

Case Brief

CASE STUDY Policing and Immigration: How Chiefs Are Leading Their Communities through the Challenges

SEE ATTACHED FILES for case study on Policing and Immigration. The case study guidelines are also attached.

Utilizing APA format, write a two page paper pertaining to your analysis of this issue.

The Case Studies will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

1. Thoroughness: Extensively develop the issue presented in the Case Study. Show depth and understanding of the subject, and apply it to current local agency practices. The paper must clearly identify its focus and logically analyze and discuss the topic.

2. Scholarly quality: The assignment must meet acceptable college level standards with respect to form and substance. Present the ideas in a clear, concise manner. The paper is in correct format with little to no typographical, spelling, or grammatical errors. (Note: Each error deducts points off the grade.)

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