Performance Management and Appraisal – 1 Page Paper
February 6, 2021
Q1- Why do we need IT Portfolio Management.(2 pages).
February 6, 2021

Case Briefing

You are to brief the case attached and find the facts listed below. Provide answer to the following court rulings.

  1. What are the facts of the case- What’s going on? who’s the plaintiff/complainant? Who’s the defendant?
  2. What is the legal question in the case and how does the court answer it?
  3. Around what legal questions does the court seem to be centering its analysis?
  4. What legal question is key?
  5. How does the court answer this legal questions? With yes/No answer? Or with an elaborate the test is suggesting for future courts to use
  6. Do the legal questions and answer fit together convincingly?
  7. What reasoning supports the court’s decision?
  8. What is the point of opinion of the court explaining why it has decided the case in a way?
  9. Are there any separate opinions? (concurrences or dissents)

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