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January 10, 2021
Please Respond to the following Week 7 Assignment ENG 215 Research and Writing
January 10, 2021

Case Report_West Indies Yacht Club Resort

Please submit a Case Analysis and Written Report 4 pages single spaced. This does not include the appendix table. Sample is attached.

Instructions are also attached, Please refer to the guidelines on the overview attachment_case analysis summary.

Writing the Report: (Per professor) Do not rehash statements in the case except to support a specific point in your argument. You should organize your report logically: do not present information in random fashion. Please use the following system of organization for your written report. The sections are designated by Roman numerals and are arranged in the following order:

I.Problem/Issue Statement


III.Analysis (Use your alternatives as subheadings)


V.Plan of Action

VI.Contingency Plans

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