BSA375 Phoenix Principles Behind the Agile Manifesto Presentation
December 26, 2020
How Culture Affects Innovation discussion
December 26, 2020

case study

Question: Select one Manufacturing or Service Company in Oman. Write a case study to review the best practice of the company in ONE of the following MOT topic:

  • Technology Innovation
  • Technology Forecasting
  • Technology Transfer
  • Technology Strategy
  • Technology Absorption
  • Technology Deployment

Assignment requirement:

The assignment should have minimum 15 pages

  • The assignment requirements :
    • a) Cover Page
    • b) Contents
    • c) Chapter1: Introduction
    • d) Chapter2:LiteratureReview
    • e) Chapter 3: Methodology
      • 3.1 Interview Protocol
      • 3.2 List of questions for interview
    • f) Chapter 4: Results
    • g) References
    • h) Appendices

and should be 0% plagiarism and the reference Harvard style references

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