Milestone Assignment
February 26, 2021
sport fundraising unit 1 essay
February 26, 2021

case study

After careful reading of the Case, “Can Technology Save Sears?,” on p. 116-118 in the eText by Laudon & Laudon (2017), please write your answers to the following 5 questions:

  • Analyze Sears using the competitive forces and value chain models. What are Sears’s strength? What are its weaknesses?
  • What was the problem facing Sears? What management, organizational, and technology factors contributed to this problem?
  • What solution did Sears select? What was the role of technology in this solution?
  • How effective was the solution selection selected by Sears? Explain your answer.
  • If you are an (IT) consultant for Sears, what are your recommendations for Sears to be successful based on your answers for #1 and #2? Justify your answer.


  • Use Microsoft Word
  • The answer to each question should be a minimum of a couple of sentences to a maximum of a paragraph.
  • Please list which question you are addressing first, and then write your answer.

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