Market Research Implementation Plan: Research Design
February 19, 2021
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February 19, 2021

Case Study and twenty questions

-Chief Justice Earl Warren,
speaking for the majority

Read both Miranda v. Arizona, 384 U.S. 436 (1966) and Florida v. Powell, 559 U.S. ___ (2009), both of which can be found in the Resources link and consider whether the Miranda warnings should be required police procedure?

Now, it’s time again to continue our journey

Magic Carpet Rider

. We will pause for a bit in the mid-1960s. Just since the last decade, so much has happened: more and more homes are beginning to be outfitted with luxurious machines such as televisions and telephones, the repressive McCarthy Era has ended, and most recently, the nation’s psyche is still reeling from the death of its young President

JFK Gravesute

. The nation (indeed the world) is on the cusp of tremendous changes. The Great Society is just beginning to be built, the British have invaded American music and culture, the Space Race is on, and things are definitely heating up around the other side of the globe in a small country called Vietnam.

Imagine yourself in the Arizonan desert in 1964. It’s hot and dusty, and there is no one around for at least 100 miles. Although it’s no longer the “Wild West,” Arizona is also fairly isolated compared to more populous areas of the United States. You are tired from the long trip.

Arizona Desert

To overcome the isolation and recover from road-induced fatigue, all of you need to work together in order to identify the person, place or thing of which I am thinking. You may contact each other as often as you would like, but collectively, you may ask me only 20 questions before you must identify that about which I am thinking. I will answer each of your 20 questions with one word answers (e.g., yes, no, irrelevant, probably, doubtful, sometimes, usually, rarely, or unknown). Be sure to clearly identify which questions that you want me to answer as part of your allotted 20 questions so that you maximize effectiveness of which questions you really want me to answer.

Hands in the Air

Be sure to consider (a) how the law is central to theories and research in philosophy, social science, business, and public policy; (b) the role and authority of the judicial system in interpreting the U.S. Constitution; and (c) how the law can infringe on personal liberty.

Ready, set, . . . GO!!!

Traffic Signal Light

cite sources in Bluebook format to support and defend your position. Between all of your posts, you must make the equivalent of at least 1,000 words of discussion. This is the same amount as is required in the other forums, but here you are authorized a bit more freedom. Remember to post your comments in sufficient time for you to collectively work on addressing the 20 questions.

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