History Questions
November 23, 2020
Complete the following sentence. The writers of the constitution established checks and balances in the Constitution because:Select one:a. They wanted to ensure that the President did not become as po
November 23, 2020

Catholic Church Visit & Reflection

I.               Read Sing To The Lord: Music In Divine Worship prior to church visitation. It is very important that you read the book first! It will serve as a guide for your observations.

II.             Attend the Catholic church of your choice. You may attend one of the masses on campus but the preference is to attend a mass in a dedicated ‘worship’ space.

III.           Take notes during the mass.  Try to find that delicate balance of being both a participant and observer. If you are Catholic, try to observe with fresh eyes rather than go through the motion. In fact, you may want to attend a Mass that is entirely different from your normal.

IV.            Collect material from the church: bulletin, liturgy program, photos of space etc.

V.            Take pictures of the inside, outside of church; include a selfie.

VI.              Reflect upon your experience and observations in a 4 page, double-spaced, 12 pt paper.

VII.            Critical: Draw connections between material in the book and your own observations and experiences. CITE page and paragraph in your reflection.  Ex. (page 15, 3rd paragraph)

My choice is The St. Francis Cathedral of Xi’an(Shaanxi, China)

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