The most heavily indebted LEDCs
December 27, 2020
Unit 3 Building Customer sales Topic 2
December 27, 2020

Changes in economic, demographic, cultural environment ( less than 700 words)

Assignment 1 – This assignment refers to the 5 chapters in the PowerPoint and videos. Read the chapters and articles through Powerpoint (Link bellow) and watch the videos. Explain how changes in the economic, demographic, and cultural environment have influenced international marketing over time. Refer to the text/articles or the videos, if needed, in writing the assignment.

The write up should not be more than 700 words

  1. Specificity and relevance with respect to the question asked-40%
  2. Understanding of concepts discussed in the text/video, and, their application-40%
  3. Organization and quality-20%

Video 1-Philip Kotler: Marketing Strategy (7 minutes)

Read the text, watch the video and explain how marketing strategy would be different in an international context.

Video 2- Video: Globalization at a Crossroads

Read the text, watch the video, and elaborate the effect of globalization on business and our everyday life. Is globalization working? If yes, how; if not, why? Make specific arguments.

Video 3- Ian Goldin: Navigating our global future (7 minutes)

Read the text, watch the video and explain how globalization is shaping the future of business. Support your arguments with the concepts discussed in the text/video and your own observations.

Video 4- How do the WTO, World Bank and IMF work? (7 minutes)

Read the text, watch the video and explain the role of WTO, WB and IMF on global governance and business. I will encourage you to take a multinational company (e.g., McDonalds, Sony, Nestle, Facebook, Shell etc.) as example to explain the role of these supra national organizations.

Video 5- Milton Friedman – Free Trade Vs Protectionism (15 minutes)

Read the text, watch the video, and make your arguments for and against protectionism. Does free trade benefit everyone?

Video 6- Episode One: Economic Freedom & Quality of Life (3 minutes)

Video 7- What is Economic Freedom? (9 minutes)

Video 8- Milton Friedman on Political and Economic Freedom (3 minutes)

Read the text, watch the videos, and explain the role of freedom (both political and economic) in our daily life and in business.

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