Problem Solving and Decision Making
December 27, 2020
History 222 week 6 History economic business
December 27, 2020

Childhood Obesity

1. Provide background information about childhood obesity as a social issue.

a. What is childhood obesity?

b. Why is it important and what are the costs to society?

c. What are the latest trends?

d. What are the causes?

e. What are the consequences?

f. Which groups are at greater risk?

g. What are the current interventions and what works best?

2. Provide a purpose for a potential campaign that tackles childhood obesity. What behavior are we trying to change/abandon/adopt/encourage? What is the potential impact of a successful campaign?

3. Identify 3 potential focuses (approaches) that can be used to tackle childhood obesity in line with the purpose you have identified in question 2. Conduct a hypothetical evaluation to identify the most appropriate focus based on the following criteria:

  • Behavior Change Potential
  • Market Supply
  • Funding Sources and Appeal
  • Impact on the Social Issue
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