Identify One key element (topic) of Hospitality, Cultures and People is enacted in the chosen company (key elements are the topics of our lectures, browse through the lecture slides to find an element that you are most interested in for writing this report).  Then you search on the employee reviews through websites such as: Glassdoor,
September 4, 2018
Analyze ethical issues pertaining to this study. Did the researchers explicitly address ethical issues in the article? If not, was there evidence in the report that the participants’ safety and confidentiality were protected?
September 4, 2018

Choose a hospitality company and identify and critically evaluate on how one(s) key element of Hospitality, Cultures and People is enacted in the organisation through thorough research.

For this assessment, you must write an individual report. You should avoid choosing a company similar to another student and your lecturer will prepare an off-company list. A criteria/marking sheet for the RESEARCH REPORT can be found at the end of this outline. In order to bring the course concepts to life, you will be required to apply them to a real organisation. Choose a hospitality company and identify and critically evaluate on how one(s) key element of Hospitality, Cultures and People is enacted in the organisation through thorough research. Further, critically assess on any problems or issues the organisation faces in relation to this element. Then, make recommendations on how the organisation can improve on its delivery and management of the elements. You may use secondary data, i.e. you will need to research the organisation on the internet or similar. Students may also use primary sources such as industry personnel interviews. In such a case, interviewees must be properly identified in the paper in terms of organisation, position and name. You need to apply concepts based on academic knowledge gained from this subject. Your literature, however, needs to be academically appropriate, which means that 1) your information sources must be from either academic journal articles and /or government/business reports; 2) all the references used must be cited correctly throughout the whole report; 3) a full reference list using APA style must be provided at the end of the report. The suggested length of the report is 2000 words (excluding Table of Contents, References, and Appendices) . Hence, you should focus on one element from Hospitality, Cultures and People. For example, you may choose to explore ‘motivation’. Your research report will contain a literature review to cover the theory of ‘motivation’, some background to the organisation, a comparison & contrast between the literature and the practices of the organisation in relation to motivation, and some recommendations on how you think the organisation can improve on its current practices. This assessment needs to be presented in report format with headings and subheadings. Refer to the structure as below.


The Structure of the Research Report: 

The report should have the following sections:

Assignment Cover Sheet – as per CBLG requirements.

Table of Contents 

Executive summary – should provide a standard executive summary which covers the reasons for the research, the core points of the methodology, the main results and key conclusions. It should be presented as paragraph with relevant sub-headings but should not be more than one page. (100 words)

Introduction – introduction to your research report, including the aims, objectives and the key element you identified you identified for further report. (100 words)

Background – descriptions of some background to the organization. Provide a brief description of the business, i.e. brief history, organisation structure (e.g. restaurant, hotel chain, locations). Here you will mention the single element of Hospitality, Cultures, & People which you will be exploring. (100 words)

Literature Review – Identify, research and discuss the element of Hospitality, Cultures & People you will be exploring (e.g. employee rewards, empowerment, culture). You will need to search through the academic literature for this material. It is worth noting here that there is literature in the academic texts and journals relating to some of the more well-known organizations, e.g. Ritz-Carlton.

In this section, you should report on the steps you have taken to search for existing information about the element you identified. For each step, you must summarize the information found and any key conclusions you can draw from that information relevant to your identified element. At the end, you should have a section summarizing the gaps and limitations in the information you have found and a few sentences describing your overall conclusions and what these mean for conducting further research to fill in the gaps and limitations. (600 words)

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