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December 30, 2020
December 30, 2020

Choose a leader

Select a corporate or organizational leader who could be a personal role model. The professional self-assessment taken during the course will be the lens through which you will select this leader. You will research the leader’s professional career track, management and leadership styles, team-building skills, organizational vision and culture, and problem-solving and conflict-management abilities. You will then compare aspects of your own leadership style to the leadership style of the person you selected.

The leadership and management of a business or organization must have a strong mission and vision and be able to communicate this information well. This successful communication process is vital because the mission and vision are the base of the organizational culture. Organizational culture, in turn, affects job performance, employee engagement, job satisfaction, and personal growth and development. Leadership and management skills are foundational for leading an organization and making managerial decisions. In Final Project Part I, you will review your leadership self-assessment and your chosen leader analysis by researching the leader and comparing your leadership abilities to those of the leader.

Final Project Part I is due in Module Three. For this assessment, you will select a leader in Module Two from the list provided (or you may select a leader not on the list with instructor consultation and approval). Your selection of a leader should be informed by the self-assessment you completed in Milestone One in Module Two. Ideally, the leader you select will be similar to you in many areas. After selecting a leader, you will analyze the results of your self-assessment and then focus on your chosen leader, analyzing his or her career track and explaining what impact his or her leadership skills had on the organization and how the leader’s management style helped him or her accomplish goals.

Final Project Part I addresses the following course outcomes:

 Analyze results of professional self-assessment tools for informing personal appreciation of leadership skills and areas of professional development  Differentiate between leadership skills and management roles and functions for improving organizational structure, operations, and communication

Note: The chosen Leader is STEVE JOBS, APPLE

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