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February 7, 2021
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February 7, 2021

Columbia Southern Employee Motivation and Selection Criteria Case Study

Please read the following two scenarios, and answer the questions that follow each one.

Scenario one: Samuel Lawrence has been working as an entry-level court security officer for one year. He is single and lives alone, so he has no family responsibilities that you are aware of. He is a reliable employee who arrives on time, rarely calls in sick, stays late when asked, gets along well with colleagues, and does an excellent job of following orders. You have asked him in the past to apply for a supervisory position and to enroll in college as a way of ensuring upward mobility. He, however, appears to lack the motivation to do either. You are interested in moving to upper-level management but cannot dosountilyoufindanadequatereplacementforyourposition.BasedonwhatyouknowaboutOfficerLawrence,youare certain that he will make an excellent supervisor and one that you can trust to work well as a “middle-man” between you (if you are promoted) and your team of court security officers.

Based on the scenario above, address the following:

Discuss the strategies and communication skills that can be used to motivate Officer Lawrence.
How would you go about motivating Officer Lawrence to move up the ranks so that you can also move upward?

For this scenario, you should utilize and reference your textbook and a scholarly article from the CSU Online Library that focuses on motivating employees.

Scenario two: Several officers under your direct supervision have recently applied for a supervisory position at the county courthouse, and you have been asked to recommend one of them for the job. After reviewing each applicant’s file, you have determined that Joanna Harris, whom you have worked with for the last three years, will be the officer you recommend. Keep in mind that if she succeeds as a supervisor, it will be to your credit since you hired her, trained her, supervised her, and will now be recommending her promotion. If, however, she fails, then that will fall on you. Your success depends on her ability to meet the qualifications needed to supervise. In addition, no matter who you recommend for the supervisory position, there will be others in the department who will be disappointed that they were not recommended.

Based on the scenario above, please address the following:

Create a checklist of the criteria you will consider when reviewing candidates for this position. Be creative and thorough when considering the criteria that will be included in your checklist. How much weight will each criterion be given?
How will you determine if Officer Harris is truly qualified for this promotion?
How can you ensure that the morale of the other employees will not suffer as a result of not being recommended? Summarize why motivation and morale are important in court security supervision.

For this scenario, you should utilize and reference your textbook and a scholarly article from the CSU Online Library that focuses on motivating employees. All references and citations used must be in APA style.

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