Understanding Marketing
January 12, 2021
Unit 4: Reader Response
January 12, 2021

Columbia Southern Protecting Court Personnel High Profile Case Paper

Security in High-Profile Cases

Identify a recent high-profile trial in the news. Locate at least two news articles about the trial in the CSU Online Library. Prepare a security synopsis of that trial. At a minimum, your case study should cover the following issues:

Identify any special circumstances (e.g., is the jury sequestered).
Identify the courtroom actors (e.g., judge, prosecutor, etc.).
Identify any special security risks for each of the courtroom personnel.
Provide any special security measures you would anticipate for the risk associated with the individual courthouse personnel.

Provide an overview of any regular security measures you would anticipate in the courthouse and courtroom.

Your completed case study should follow APA style and be two- to three-pages in length (not including the title and references pages).

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