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February 7, 2021
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February 7, 2021

Com-362 Topic 8 Reading Exercise

Hello Everyone. The attached file comes from the course COM-362. The textbook is Introduction to Logic (14th edition) chapter 7. In the attached document it gives specific instructions for what needs to be done in each section. For Example, the instructions to the first six questions are as follows, 7.5 Instructions For each of the following enthymematic arguments: a. Formulate the plausible premise or conclusion, if any, that is missing but understood. b. Write the argument in standard form, including the missing premise or conclusion needed to make the completed argument valid—if possible—using parameters if necessary. c. Name the order of the enthymeme. d. If the argument is not valid even with the understood premise included, name the fallacy that it commits.

After that there are still other questions in the document with its own specific set of instructions. The instructions are printed in bold to make it easier to identify.

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