Indirect Costs
January 25, 2021
Can you please respond to this post below – you need to provide your own credible sources as a response.
January 25, 2021

Comparative and Absolute Advantage 300 words

Develop a minimum 300 -word analysis of the international economy in which you do the following:

Research each country, using resources such as the CIA World Fact Book, World Bank data, World Trade Organization (WTO), and the Federal Reserve Bank. Research each of your three chosen country’s economic, political, and cultural development:

  • Analyze measures of economic growth and of comparative and absolute advantage in international trade.
  • Use tables and/or graphs to compare the following economic statistics/indicators of USA, Canada, and Japan for the most recent year available and for 2009 (the trough of the last economic cycle):
    • Country Real GDP
    • Country CPI
    • Country Real Exports

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