Ratio Analysis Purpose of Assignment
December 28, 2020
Research and Development at Thomas Company
December 28, 2020

compensation needs

Phase I: Develop a theme for the organization—ungraded, but required draft (due Week 2)

In this phase, you will establish a business.

  • What is the business (technical, professional, service, etc.)? Create your business, and give it a name.
  • Start developing a description of the organization (goals, strategy, culture, values, location, environment, and product or service).
  • Establish a staffing plan. Determine the positions needed. There is to be a minimum of 35 employees in the organization.
  • Think about the total compensation needs.
  • Develop an HR mission statement and objectives. This should express the company’s attitude toward hiring and retaining employees.

But Its only one bullet needs to be done and thats the 4th one ?THINK ABOUT THE TOTAL COMPENSATION NEEDS” I already have the topic and its Professional cleaning services so I just need a brief overview of that portion with the reference listed as well.

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