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February 15, 2021
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February 15, 2021

Competitive Advantage

500–600 words

Part 1

Having experienced a robust debate discussion on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and trends (SWOTT) analysis and strategic planning for a particular fast-food franchise, it is time to shift gears a bit and consider the competition in the fast-food industry. Read this article to frame this week’s discussion. (The Reference listed below).

Complete the following:

Identify 1 or 2 other major competitors in the fast-food industry, and describe their sources of competitive advantage.

Discuss a current issue that this industry faces. It could be favorable or unfavorable to the industry.

Which of the major competitors has the strongest competitive advantage and ability to overcome the barriers presented by the current issues identified and why?

Part 2: Based on the first initial of your last name (The first initial of my last name is B).

First initial M-Z: provide an argument ‘FOR’ the success of the fast-food franchise’s competitors.

First initial A-L: provide an argument ‘AGAINST’ the ability of the competition to overtake fast-food franchise.

In both considerations, provide research that supports your assertions.


Berger, S. (2015, June 30). Best restaurants in USA: Chick-Fil-A trumps competition, McDonald’s falls out of favor. Retrieved from the International Business Times Web site:…

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