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January 10, 2021
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January 10, 2021

Complete General Education Capstone Reflection Journal NO PLAGIARISM

Reflection Journal


Welcome to the week 7 reflection journal. Throughout the course you will reflect on your weekly research experience and make connections to previous learning as well as the course outcomes listed below:

Critical Thinking


Respect for Diversity

Lifelong learning & Communication

Social, Ethical and Professional Responsibility


Please respond to all the following items in your reflection journal.

How did you experience and practice the university learning outcomes in previous courses at Grantham University

How did you experience and practice these university learning outcomes in this course?

How would you like to continue developing the skills associated with the university learning outcomes outside of the classroom – what specific actions can you take? What obstacles might exist and how might you overcome those? What resources or help might you need? How could you find this help?

How will the skills associated with the university learning outcomes contribute to your career goals?

Write down at least one question you have about your organization, your research project, or this course in general?

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