Writing and Presenting a Research Report
February 24, 2021
System Approach to Organizational change
February 24, 2021

conflict resolution

identify a specific cultural conflict that you have experienced or observed in a workplace or social setting. This can be an explicit conflict or a more implicit one that is present in the background but not openly discussed.

For this question:

  • Define hegemony.
  • Describe the conflict.
  • Identify variables within the institutional structure that may have contributed to this conflict. In other words, how have factors within this organization—especially in relation to the hierarchy of the organization and how the institution itself is structured—contributed to the conflict?
  • Have there been attempts by the institution or individuals to resolve this conflict (or to resolve problems related to this conflict)? If so, describe them, and then evaluate in detail the degree to which these have been successful. If there have not been attempts to resolve this conflict, evaluate the institutional issues that have hindered the ability to resolve this conflict..

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