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January 10, 2021
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January 10, 2021

Corporate Responsibility Questions

In short essays of 500-1500 words, respond to two of the following four questions. You will not be deducted points for writing more than this, but are unlikely to benefit from doing so either. Be specific, and use examples if it will help your argument to do so.

1. Do corporations or their managers have an obligation to behave ethically above and beyond what is required by law? Why or why not? If they do: to whom do they owe this duty and what form should it take?

2. Using the concepts found in the Bazerman and Tenbrunsel article we covered in class (regarding ill-conceived goals, motivated blindness, indirect blindness, etc.), describe one or more real-world case(s) in which these kinds of defective reasoning led to unethical business behavior.

3. Using one or more of the two game theory models we discussed in class (prisoner’s dilemma and tragedy of the commons), explain a case in which institutional or organizational failure has led to unethical business behavior. How, if at all, might this problem be solved or avoided?

4. Can the environmental challenges we currently face be solved by voluntary corporate action? Why or why not? Be specific, and use examples as necessary.


– Essay

– APA citations

– use examples to strengthen your argument

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