Industry Forecasting
February 19, 2021
potential investor researching a U.S. investment
February 19, 2021

Corporate Risk Discussions

  1. Describe how variance and standard deviation are used to measure the variability of individual stocks
  2. Describe the relationship between risk and expected return (CAPM
  3. What derivatives are and how are they used to manage risk.
  4. Compare and contrast the various types of swap contracts
  5. Explain how the risk-free rate, market risk premium and stock beta are used to calculate expected returns using the capital asset pricing model (CAPM).
  6. Explain how cyclicality of revenues and operating leverage help determine beta.
  7. Describe the dividend discount model (DDM) approach and how is it different than CAPM.
  8. Understand how to calculate the weighted average cost of capital to determine the optimum level of debt and equity to finance an investment

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