This essay is to continue on to my previous essay.
December 28, 2020
Euro Disneyland case Analysis
December 28, 2020

Countries have embarked on a debate regarding

Respond to the following questions for your initial post. Include at least one textbook citation and one citation using outside research. Be sure to cite the text and your article within the post and include as a reference at the bottom using APA format.

There are some 200 economic integration agreements around the world today, far more than a few years ago. NAFTA, EU, Asean etc. Virtually every country is now party to one or more free trade agreements.Supporters argue that free trade is good for the country. Consider the U.S. perspective when responding to the second two questions.

-What is the basis for their support?

-What have these agreements brought YOU in advantages?

-What disadvantages have they produced?

Textbook is

  • Title: Global 2
  • Author: Mike W. Peng
  • ISBN: 13: 978-1-111-82175-3

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